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In 1992 the first inductees entered the Hancock Hall of Fame.  For a period of eight years, selections were not made.  Inductions continued in 1997.  In January 2005, the Hall of Fame inductions began as an annual event.  In the beginning, the ceremony was merely a half-time tribute at a basketball game.  The inductions have grown to a point that they no longer need another activity to draw people to celebrate our great athletes.  A standing Hall of Fame Selection Committee now exists who will have the responsibility each year to consider and select new inductees.



The Hancock Hall of Fame will be used to safeguard individual and team accomplishments that have been so important to the long history and heritage of our beloved school and community.  “Heritage” may be defined as being the property that is or can be inherited or conditions of the culture that is allocated or handed down to one, as my ancestors.  The qualities that we want to preserve in our school culture are best reinforced and passed on to the next generation by utilizing special events as we are tonight, and establishing a special secure place to preserve its story.  The new Hancock High School will provide such a place.  The Hancock Hall of Fame will be located in the entryway of the new high school.  It will provide a daily reminder to our students of those who came before and achieved, and the proud legacy they have left for them.  New dreams and future achievements of our students will keep the Hall of Fame a strong part of the school culture.

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