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  1. Awards and Honors received by an individual or team are considered.  Examples: All-conference, All-District, All-Metro and All-State

  2. Ranking by individuals in sports offered at Hancock High School.  Example: individual records.

  3. Awards received while at Hancock High School.  Examples: Audrey Kissel-Lafser Female Athlete or Don Zimmerman Male Athlete of the Year, or Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

  4. An athlete’s lasting influence and impact on his or her sport, playing important roles on successful Hancock teams.

  5. A teacher/coach who nurtured student growth and success impacting positively on their lives and the Hancock Athletic Program forever.

  6. A person or persons within the community that has contributed and illustrated a vested interest in the Hancock Athletic Program by giving of themselves and assuring it’s enduring success.

  7. To be considered for the Hall of Fame, a person must be out of school for at least five years.

  8. Athletic accomplishments after high school will be considered.  Examples: College, military, professional, AAU, Senior Olympic, etc.

  9. The number of individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame each year will be determined by the Selection Committee. 

  10. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is made up of five people who are Members of the Hall of Fame.  The District Athletic Director will attend all meetings, but will not vote.  The Committee will replace members as needed.

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